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IiME Research Represented at IACFS Conference

Invest in ME uses all of its funds to promote or perform biomedical research and we attempt to do as much as we can to improve education about ME and international collaboration.

Sometimes this includes funding trips to conferences for researchers or to important meetings. Examples are Professor Tom Wileman's visit to Australia for the International Science Symposium Myalgic Encephalomyelitis / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in 2010, visits by the team to Bergen and the creation of the European ME Research Group [8] where IiME organised and funded the inaugural meeting in London and follow-up meeting in May this year.

But we cannot fund as much as we would like.
We had hoped that an EMERG presentation at the forthcoming IACFS conference in Fort Lauderdale, USA.

So we are especially happy that Fane Mensah's abstract for the IACFSME conference in Fort Lauderdale was accepted for a poster presentation.

We are also very happy that Fane's trip was made possible'via a travel grant for the trip from Solve ME/CFS Initiative.

Thank you Solve for this.

This makes it possible for IiME's, and our supporters', work to be seen to some extent at that conference.

It also allows Fanes' and Dr Jo Cambridge's briliant work to be available to be seen by many in USA.

We invite support for the charity as it continues its quest for maintaining the foundation of biomedical research into ME which has been formed.
Please help us by supporting our continuing efforts.

Please help us with the UK rituximab trial/B-cell research

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