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Haukeland Team to Visit Norwich Centre for Rituximab Trial Planning

We are pleased to announce that Dr Oystein Fluge and his team from Haukeland University Hospital in Bergen, Norway, will be visiting the Norwich Centre to continue and extend the collaboration between IiME-funded researchers as the plans for the UK rituximab trial develop.

Already the IiME funded researchers have been collaborating with Dr Fluge and Professor Mella and the team in Bergen - with Dr Jo Cambridge and Fane Mensah both having visited Norway as part of their continued collaboration to study the potential role of B cells in ME and they continue this collaboration.

IiME also funded our advisor, Professor Jo Edwards as the first to visit Bergen back in the autumn of 2013.

This close collaboration benefits all researchers involved and is greatly appreciated.

Establishing biomedical research into ME and arranging clinical trials is, and has not been easy. Invest in ME Research have been working tirelessly for many years attempting to foster, encourage, find, facilitate and eventually fund high-quality biomedical research which is built on a strategy which will lead to an understanding of the aetiology of this disease and the development of treatments.

Our strategy is also founded on international collaboration - of the right stuff.

This development is a further example of that strategy taking effect.

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