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The Invest in ME UK Rituximab Clinical Trial

Research Fund

Invest in ME are pleased to announce that our research fund total has now reached £310,000.

May 2014

In the week of the Invest in ME Conference 2014 events in London the charity is pleased to announce that the research fund which was set up for the Invest in ME UK UK rituximab clinical trial project has now reached £310,000.

Thanks to a new donation of £5000 from an Invest in ME supporter the amount raised/pledged already is within reach of the initial target.

The latest donation comes on the back of generous donations and amazing efforts of supporters with imaginative ideas of raising awareness and funding for the charity's project.

Donations and support from around the world for the charity has been humbling.

Invest in ME set up this trial with UCL in 2013 following a year of preparation and effort to enable the right conditions for this project.

With our advisor Professor Jonathan Edwards and the skilled team of Dr Jo Cambridge at UCL we have made rapid progress in a short time (see our May status update here).

The Invest in ME UK clinical trial project clinical complements the Norwegian Bergen Haukeland multi-centre clinical trial which has just received extra funding from the Kavli Fond, and for which the Norwegian government appears to have ring-fenced further funds.

We congratulate the Norwegians (both researchers and patient organisations such as EMEA Norway member Norges ME Forening and campaigns such as ME and YOU) for the excellent work that has gone into establishing this promising base of research.

Our advisor has been to Bergen to discuss the research and we continue to work with the Norwegians to support each other.

All involved will be at the Invest in ME Biomedical Research into ME Colloquium and IIMEC9 International ME Conference events at the end of May in London.


We continue our efforts to raise the remaining funds.

Again we thank our supporters who have done so much to change things (see tribute to our supporters - an international event).

We thank all those who are supporting this trial and we will continue to provide information on the status of the trial as we progress.



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