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92 for ME Tour of FA Football Clubs in Aid of the Invest in ME UK Rituximab Clinical Trial

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May 2014

The world of ME has many hurdles - one of them being isolation for patients.

It is too infrequent an occurrence for friends of someone with ME to stay in contact, let alone actively do something to help.

Many ME patients can feel isolated and abandoned by their friends and even family members.

So we are amazed at the reaction and spirit of a group of four friends who have visited all 92 English Football League Stadiums in under 92 hours in support of Invest in ME and in order to raise money and awareness for the Rituximab Trial. They did this to help their friend who has ME. The event lasted six days in April 014.

We are really grateful for this group of four who are did such an amazing job of raising awareness for ME.

Football clubs, hotels, TV companies helped build huge interest and this positive way of raising awareness and funds for ME has increased the exposure of the work the charity is trying to do.

The blog of the event is here http://92in92.blogspot.co.uk and one can still make donations to support the amazing event The charity had a flag especially made for the tour and this was shown in photographs made at every football ground and used for photo opportunities at all of the clubs.

One of the last places to visit on the tour was Sunderland where some patients and carers were let inside the ground for a photo shot



See also tribute to our supporters - an international event.


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