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IiME Funding Additional Student Work at UCL

IiME have agreed to fund an additional student at UCL to assist with the project "B cell function in patients with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS): Investigations of metabolic function during B cell maturation and differentiation". The aim is to investigate potential differences in B cell maturation, differentiation and metabolism between patients with ME/CFS and healthy controls.
The charity will underpin the extra work with a grant of £9000 to cover the student who will work until early 2017 assisting existing PhD student Fane Mensah and Dr Jo Cambridge.

The team hope to identify whether potential differences are due to alterations in signalling or metabolism in B cells from ME/CFS patients and the additional student resource will hopefully accelerate Fane's project.

Invest in ME continue to raise funds for biomedical research into ME. Thanks to mulitiple generous acts from individuals and organisations (click here) and the amazing generosity from the Hendrie Foundation who have pledged a huge sum toward the rituximab trial and B-cell research, then Invest in ME has managed at the time of this article, to raise £495,000 for the total research either performed, underway or coming to be performed.

As we described in an earlier article we are managing to change the landscape of research into ME once and for all.

Thanks to everyone who has supported our strategy of high quality biomedical research, international collaboration and the development of the Centre of Excellence for ME which is gathering pace.

Our strategy of interational collaboration in biomedical research is making others take notice.

We therefore invite support for the charity as it continues its quest for maintaining and enhancing the foundation of biomedical research into ME which has been formed.
Please help us by supporting our continuing efforts.

Please help us with the UK rituximab trial/B-cell research

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