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Quick Overview of the IiME/UCL Clinical Trial

Invest in ME have initiated a UK rituximab Trial. This is being progressed


Our advisor is Professor Jonathan Edwards, Emeritus Professor of Connective Tissue Medicine at University College London (UCL)


The clinical trial will be performed at University College London


The UCL service was set up when they started treating rheumatoid arthritis, lupus and a range of other conditions and has the most extensive experience.


There is laboratory expertise in B cell immunology under Dr Jo Cambridge.


UCL also has a new Clinical Trials Research Facility with staff appointed to manage trials of this sort.


The trial is being set up in collaboration with clinicians with expertise in ME from around London, and in particular Dr Amolak Bansal.


The UCL proposal will be rigorously evaluated by UCL in their customary comprehensive and very professional manner.


External peer reviewing will be arranged by UCL and Invest in ME.


Invest in ME have arranged for Professor Edwards to visit Dr Fluge and Professor Mella in Bergen, Norway to discuss the clinical trial in detail - thus enhancing cooperation and research.


Invest in ME have agreed to fully fund the preliminary study by UCL which is a pre-requisite to the full clinical trial. This will begin shortly.


The preliminary study will be a small study which will confirm the earlier work of Dr Amolak Bansal [1] on B-cells but using a different cohort of ME patients.

Professor Edwards believes this is a useful study in its own right and a pre-requisite for the clinical trial.


Meanwhile work is continuing on the design of a protocol which will be finalised after the trip to Bergen that IiME and Professor Edwards have arranged.


The fundraising for this trial is being organised and coordinated by IiME so please contact IiME directly if you or your organisation would like to contribute. Our unique MATRIX crowdfunding scheme will allow multiple funders to easily contribute to the IiME/UCL trial funding.


To summarise further:

We have the facilities available.

We have the researchers available.
We have the best expertise possible available.
We have the means of fundraising for this trial available (see The MATRIX - click here)  
We have already contacted others to invite them to support our fundraising efforts and we welcome pledges for funding, even delayed until the peer review process has been achieved.


Last Update: September 2013